Friday, February 5, 2016

Bulgarian Alps

            In Bulgaria every mountain has its beauties. Such Rila mountains, which attracts tourists and climbers. Malyovitsa is a peak in the northwestern part of the Rila mountains. With a height of 2729 m ranks among the 20 highest peaks in Bulgaria and in seventh place in Rila. Located in the National Park "Rila" in the area of limited human impact. Rock climbing and holding of mass events in the park are carried out in coordination with the "Rila National Park."

Malyovitsa- winter landscape

Malyovitsa- summer landscape

Hut Maliovitsa

Malyovitsa- panoramic view

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lindsey Vonn again in Bulgaria!

    Seven winners of Olympic gold medals in alpine skiing will take part in three starts for the World Cup in Bansko (27 February-1 March).
Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn already arrived in Bulgaria for participation in the competition said:
"I feel very good. Glad to return to Bulgaria. I have good memories of Bansko and expect competitions. Headed ranking and will fight for the title this weekend. Will be staying in the same place where I was last time, so I hope to record another victory, "said Vaughn Sofia Airport.
"I'm fine. I have mild back pain and shoulder, but everything is fine. I have very good memories of Bansko. I was here three or four years when I won the Super G. I have a lot of success here, so I have only good memories, "she said.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A dance Paneurhythmy, a mountain Rila ...amazingly

No, this is not a frame of film.
Meeting Space New Year, Rila Mountains, August 2012
People from all over the world, followers of the spiritual teacher Deunov, perform their ritual dance Paneurhythmy. Here's how it looks
Файл:Panevritmia do Babreka.jpg
Paneurhythmy Dance in Rila Mountain
Amazingly, it ... dance ... and the mountain!
Вселенската мъдрост на Рила
Dawn of August 19 has magical powers ... probably true
" Love gives life
   Wisdom - knowledge
   Truth - freedom "
                                 1923, Beinsa Duno (Deunov)

It's nice to create, this mountain is close to you :)
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer, beach, freedom ... and "July Morning"

Whether you've wake up in a tent on rocky beach in the early morning of July 1 ...
Kamen Bryag, Kavarna, Bulgaria

Whether you've seen how the sun emerging from the sea, how the new day is born ...
Джулай Морнинг 2011
Black Sea

Whether this is your song ...
"I was there on a July morning.
I was looking for love ... "

Hits of "Uriah Heep" was executed by John Lawton with BTR from Nasco.

Even if you're away from the beach, meet July Morning in your heart :)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Expect ... Bulgarian Easter

The Celebrations in my country are a unique blend of Eastern Orthodox and pagan traditions.

And when Western Christians celebrate Easter, we have two celebration, sassociated with spring awakening of nature and dreams of getting married at the girls ... Lazarovden (Lazarus Saturday) and Cwetnica (Palm Sunday).
Файл:Lazarki from Gabra.jpg
Lazarki from village Gabra, Bulgaria
Cwetnica (Palm Sunday) is a celebration of those who bear the name of a flower :)
Девойки учат за лазарки на “Етъра”
Architectural-Ethnographic Complex "Ether"
And after all this ... expect Easter!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

For St. Patrick's Day ... with a smile from Bulgaria

A great summer celebration in Bulgaria - Ilinden, a small village in the Rhodope Mountains - Gela ...
photo of 'Гела - докосване до магията на родопската каба-гайда'
... phenomenon " One hundred bagpipes"

Only Bulgaria, Irish and Scottish bagpipes play ... God knows why?!
photo of 'Гела - докосване до магията на родопската каба-гайда'
A Bulgarian with kabagayda 
and ... an Irishman with Uilleann pipes

Soon the Irish around the world will celebrate St. Patrick's Day! 

And ... start from scratch :)
A spring celebration in Ireland - St. Patrick's Day, a small village Dripsey in County Cork ...
... and a Guinness record!
The shortest St. Patrick's Day parade in the world. The parade lasts just 100 yards and travels between the village's two pubs :) 

And in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, a few suggestions for gifts

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lindsey Vonn, snowdrops and ... warm scarves

A small town in Bulgaria, Bansko, is now the center of world skiing. This place World Cup.
One of the stars of the track is Lindsey Vonn, triple winner of the World Cup.
Носителката на Световната купа Мария Рийш беше най-бърза в първата тренировка за спускането в Банско преди състезанията по ски алпийски дисциплини през уикенда.
In the plane a little boldly flower tells us that spring is coming ...
But ... is too early to part with warm scarves :)
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