Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time lucky

Did you know that we live in the year of the Rabbit?

According to Chinese bunny represents longevity and love of beauty. And ...moonlight, it needs love and a stranger at night to find his way.
2011 is a lucky year. But the goals should be achieved with more diplomacy and tact. And ... must have a bunny mascot :)
2011 YEAR OF RABBIT  Crocheted Bunny Appliques Decoration Handmade Supplies Animal Embellishments Brown  Beige vary Colors

This cute bunny can be found in store DILMA

This is the prototype of this charm :)
Do you like?

Now we are serious ...
This position is involved in the treasury on Etsy. Here one of them

Curator is lookonmytreasures

Barbara says:
In real life I am a veterinarian, but being a rabid collector for some decades now, I needed an outlet. So when my sister (collecting is in our genes; she is squirrelaway) told me about Etsy, I said "sounds like just the ticket!"
Дъждовен ден бродерия

That is the question of Rabbit :)

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