Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beautiful gloves ... from the Bulgarian Manchester

There in my country such a remarkable town:
*** It is the geographical center of Bulgaria

The Town Hall

*** Its citizens are known for their cunning and sagacity (theydance in socks, listening to music from the neighboring town:))

*** Bulgarian Manchester called it because ancient traditions in the textile industry.
Winding-up machine

Yes, it's Gabrovo ... and my native land.
And as a patriot ... I worked out those gloves of high qualitywool yarn made in Gabrovo.
Knit Cable Fingerless Gloves Long Fingerless Mittens Womans Arm warmers Wool blend Apple green Seamless Warm Unique Handmade by Dimana

Fingerless Gloves Fingerless Mittens Arm Warmers Hand knit Brown/Mistyrose Wool Soft Warm Handmade by Dimana

                    Fingerless mittens Fingerless gloves Knit Crochet Arm warmers Wool Denim Blue Gray Delicate brooch as a ring Handmade by Dimana          

 Enjoy them :)

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