Monday, July 11, 2011

Orange Business Summer

In my country, summer is in full swing. So this post is in orange mood.
For starters, see my summer capital, Sofia.

They say if you love to wear orange, you are independent and organized. Even ifyou want to dominate the rest :
This is not you!?

This is a crocheted necklase by margity

Orange is the color of creativity and practicality. Let's learn something useful for our business.
Each name (person or company) is in harmony with one color.Who is he? The answer unlocks the hidden performance of your advertisingmaterials. Color Business Intelligence can do here  This analysis is based on an algorithm developed by Don Frank, has in the past century.
Good luck!

See how the mood has orangeThis is collection "On an Orange Kick" of Etsy curated by 

And this feathery fastinator is just gorgeous!
Lovely Lady - ORIGINAL Акварел Боядисване - 8x10

Its author is the owner WaterInMyPaint

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time lucky

Did you know that we live in the year of the Rabbit?

According to Chinese bunny represents longevity and love of beauty. And ...moonlight, it needs love and a stranger at night to find his way.
2011 is a lucky year. But the goals should be achieved with more diplomacy and tact. And ... must have a bunny mascot :)
2011 YEAR OF RABBIT  Crocheted Bunny Appliques Decoration Handmade Supplies Animal Embellishments Brown  Beige vary Colors

This cute bunny can be found in store DILMA

This is the prototype of this charm :)
Do you like?

Now we are serious ...
This position is involved in the treasury on Etsy. Here one of them

Curator is lookonmytreasures

Barbara says:
In real life I am a veterinarian, but being a rabid collector for some decades now, I needed an outlet. So when my sister (collecting is in our genes; she is squirrelaway) told me about Etsy, I said "sounds like just the ticket!"
Дъждовен ден бродерия

That is the question of Rabbit :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

I came across the "little patriot" by ChicCoutureBoutique when considering the works of artists from Etsy.
And ... could not resist the temptation to make treasury.

NEW Patriotic Tie Collection 2011.  Choose Any Tie on Any Size Long  or Short Sleeve Onesie

I like long Red Blue White Organza Flower Necklace Bracelet ribbon Headband by MishMashStore

4th of July Red Blue White Organza Flower Necklace Bracelet ribbon Headband Are you ready to celebrate
An attractive original and extremely attractive accessory for your special day! You can use this accessory as a necklace, bracelet or as a decoration for your hair,also as a brooch, which will fit great on your wear.

And this VINTAGE 80s Sewing Pattern Burda moden by DILMA is arranged just for July 4th.

VINTAGE 80s Sewing Pattern Burda moden Blouse cut shirt Bustier White pants Size 14 / M 16 / L Bust 36 Spring/Summer Comfortable Original

LIBERTY Primitive Americana Colonial Pillow by oldetimegatherings is crafted from Muslin. We paint the Lettering in Barn Red with a Navy Star. We age our pillows to give them and olde and early look.
This is a perfect accent for your Primitive Americana Decor!

LIBERTY Primitive Americana Colonial Pillow Cupboard Tuck

Vintage Coca Cola Heritage Collection by worldvintageThis six inch glass is one in a series portraying US history. This glass shows several men watching Betsy Ross sew the first flag.

Vintage Coca Cola Heritage Collection First Stars and Stripes Glass 1973

In how many ways you can express an idea?
Get this

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