Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time for school or ... yet?

It is always exciting to first-grader


                                                           Crocheted letters A - Z Personalized Optional 
                                                    Applique Different application of choice Yarn Different 
                                                                     colors Handmade by Dimana

and ... want to be as that big brother

Vintage photo The best student Snapshot photography Paper ephemera Old photo Photo image Portrait Collectibles Vintage by DILMA

                                                          Vintage photo The best student Snapshot photography 
                                                               Paper ephemera Old photo Photo image Portrait 
                                                                             Collectibles Vintage by DILMA

But ... some do not think so :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Story about some "Happy mountaineers" and ... something else

I am a passionate admirer of the mountain. 
And at home she is very beautiful: there is low and wooded hillshas ridges alpine and lakes

Seven Rila Lakes

Rila mountains

Rila Monastery

Here's how it gets in life ...
You get to enjoy the natural beauty and subconsciously began to realize this sentiment in his work.

Knitted blouson Sweater Wool Ivory Picture Horse Horseshoe edge Long sleeves Size XXL Handmade by Dimana

Now I am particularly pleased to present you a merry group of mountaineers who lived nearly a century ago
A dance at the foot of the highest peak in the Balkans can not see every day.These men know how to enjoy life: it's nice when you conquer a goalto sharetheir joy with friends.
Peak Musala

Vintage 1940s Pin from Musala Bulgaria Rila mountain Emblem of mountain peak Souvenir Cute rare badge Primitive technology

Vintage photo Merry mountaineers Snapshot photography Paper ephemera Old photo Photo image Collectibles

The trophy is ... one badgewhich gets itself MusalaBut the feeling iswonderful!