Sunday, April 1, 2012

Expect ... Bulgarian Easter

The Celebrations in my country are a unique blend of Eastern Orthodox and pagan traditions.

And when Western Christians celebrate Easter, we have two celebration, sassociated with spring awakening of nature and dreams of getting married at the girls ... Lazarovden (Lazarus Saturday) and Cwetnica (Palm Sunday).
Файл:Lazarki from Gabra.jpg
Lazarki from village Gabra, Bulgaria
Cwetnica (Palm Sunday) is a celebration of those who bear the name of a flower :)
Девойки учат за лазарки на “Етъра”
Architectural-Ethnographic Complex "Ether"
And after all this ... expect Easter!
Knit Pillow Case Apple Green Embroidery Decorated 12x16 inch Wool/Acrylic Children Rustic Easter Handmade by Margity
Knit Pillow Apple Green Embroidery 12x16 inch

Custom Knit Sweater Womans Inspired by vintage Rustic picture Cardigan Bolero Shrug Vest Unique Wool/ Acrylic Multicolor Handmade by dimana
Custom Knit Sweater Inspired by vintage
Buy 2 get 1 free VINTAGE Post card from Czechoslovakia Easter Praha Greeting post card 50 years old Multicolor Foto Art Vintage by dilma
Vintage Postcard from Czechoslovakia