Monday, September 3, 2012

A dance Paneurhythmy, a mountain Rila ...amazingly

No, this is not a frame of film.
Meeting Space New Year, Rila Mountains, August 2012
People from all over the world, followers of the spiritual teacher Deunov, perform their ritual dance Paneurhythmy. Here's how it looks
Файл:Panevritmia do Babreka.jpg
Paneurhythmy Dance in Rila Mountain
Amazingly, it ... dance ... and the mountain!
Вселенската мъдрост на Рила
Dawn of August 19 has magical powers ... probably true
" Love gives life
   Wisdom - knowledge
   Truth - freedom "
                                 1923, Beinsa Duno (Deunov)

It's nice to create, this mountain is close to you :)
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